Embedding in
an innovative way

We develop software for embedded systems – from small, dedicated systems to large, complex ones. It’s often about innovative solutions for some of the most demanding clients in the telecom, automotive, industrial and medtech industries. We are deliberately platform-independent and develop software for Linux, Android, iOS and various other proprietary real-time OS. Our projects encompass the entire software stack from BSP, device drivers and middleware to communication solutions and application development.

Application Development

Acorn develops tailormade software for all types of platforms. Assignments cover a wide range of areas mainly with a focus on large distributed real-time systems with high demands on performance. Some of the systems we develop feature entirely unique UIs based for instance on Qt or apps on an Android platform. Development is usually done in C, C++, Java or Python.

Data Communication

Software and communication have been, and are, the driving force behind much of the development we see around us. After many years of work in the telecom and automotive industries, we have built up extensive experience of the most important communication technologies in each respective industry. This covers everything from modern telecom technologies and short-range communication such as Bluetooth and NFC, to communication protocols such as CAN and IP.

Platform Development

Based on knowhow and experience in low level software such as drivers, BSP and middleware, we create software platforms that permit both simple and advanced applications. Doing this requires processor expertise, knowledge about modern real-time OS like embedded Linux or Android as well as fundamental understanding of electronics. Development takes place almost entirely in C.


Systems development

We’re specialists in systems development and we work with a wide range of suppliers and products.

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Work with us

If you are a curious Java, .Net or Embedded developer, we hope that we have got your attention.

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We develop software for embedded systems – from small, dedicated systems to large, complex ones.

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